My Forest Queen

by Hinkstep

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lytewerk sounds great on the mp3..thumb up for the best plastic comment EVER! I would have posted something else but tompuca said no!! never mind i do like the album so far la ti doo i do i do like it i do. so in a nut shell to and to keep it real and bog standard basic . this album has to be probably in my top ten out of my all time favorite top one thousand albums at the moment but that could all change at some later point you never know but enjoyed it for a year straight so far so there you go Favorite track: My Forest Queen.
Nigel Harris
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Nigel Harris Sunrise from the treetops was a great album and still very worth a listen. However, My Forest Queen is just a step upon every level. Maturity and creativity are growing to make a beautifully polished album that gets better every listen... Favorite track: Naranja.


He has taken you high above the sunny treetops and deep below the surface of your outer inner self. Now, with his third album release, Hinkstep is back!

Get ready to embark on a journey into the ancient Swedish forests, to a strange and magical place where no path is quite like the other. Let your mind wander freely and if you ever get lost, the ever-glowing fireflies will light your way back to the calming beat of the drums.

An experimental downtempo album filled with psychedelic sounds and love for family and nature.


released April 5, 2015

Written, produced, mixed and mastered by Jonas ”Hinkstep” Tegenfeldt
Guitar - JB Pilon (Not dead just forgotten)
Guitar - Peter Ekelund (My Forest Queen)
Vocals and lyrics - Alice Spacedoll (Snö, Not dead just forgotten)
Cover design - Tomb Svalborg
Cover model - Linn Sundberg
Special thank you - Mathias Skoog



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Track Name: Not Dead Just Forgotten
hat can I ever do to make it right
I'm feeling helpless like an animal
i'm watching and waiting this world dissipating

and how can I let it go
I see us screaming in a burning Forrest in my dreams

tell me now
who is your savior now
tell me now
who is your Savior now

who is your savior now
when will you see
who is your savior now
if I let go will I find me

who is your savior now [repeated]